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Honorary Wine


Founded in 1907 by Marcel Ott, Domaines Ott has represented the pinnacle of serious rosé from Provence for 111 years. While most of the wine is consumed on the coast of Provence in Nice, Cannes and Saint-Tropez, the winery was convinced to send some to the US where it quickly became a sought-after treasure. 


The vineyards have been farmed 100% organically from the start. Strong coastal winds assure naturally healthy vines. The three vineyard rosés represent unique flavor profiles. Romassan offers depth and concentration. Mireille showcases the salinity the Oceanside vineyard absorbs and Selle shows beautiful delicate fruit. 


Not only did Marcel have an eye for quality vineyards, he was a man of marketing. He commissioned the classic Ott bottle design and encouraged other Provence producers to embrace this unique shape to create an identity for Provence rosé. Marcel was also the first to coin the term “Cotes de Provence” to describe his wines. The French government requested his permission to incorporate this term in the legal classification system years later.


Today, cousins Christian and Jean-Francois Ott dedicate their life to their ancestors love for the sites. In 2004 Domaines Ott joined Louis Roederer and its selection of wine craftsmen.

Christophe Renard, Sales Director - France and Export, will be at the Auction. He represents Domaines Ott across the globe and manages the Brand in close collaboration with Champagne Louis Roederer

Domaines Ott 2019 Auction Package

Three nights at Clos Mireille with bouillabaisse dinner, includes exclusive tour at Roederer in Reims. 
More details coming soon. Subject to change.