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Burgundy Behind-the-Scenes with

& CO.


Burgundy Behind-the-Scenes with Becky Wasserman & Co. 

his trip to Burgundy for two couples is for the wine obsessed! It offers unparalleled access typically reserved
for the trade. Students of wine and/or the connoisseur will have an opportunity to taste and drink exceptional
and, at times, difficult to source wines courtesy of Becky Wasserman & Co. The company was founded in 1979 by Becky Wasserman-Hone, an American expatriate who has lived in Burgundy since 1968, and follows the simple rule: “If we won't drink it, we won't sell it.”


Your home away from home for six nights will be the beautiful Five Star Hotel Le Cep. Ideally situated in the heart of medieval Beaune, Capital of the wines of Burgundy, just minutes away from the famous Hospices de Beaune and the Notre-Dame Basilica, the Hotel Le Cep is a genuine institution and the best place to stay when visiting Burgundy.

Over five days your senses will be elevated as you experience two grower visits each day to estates such as Benjamin Leroux, Simon Bize, Domaine Michel Lafarge, Pataille, Bruno Clair, Berthaut-Gerbet, J.F. Mugnier, and Lignier-Michelot, etc. At each estate, you will enjoy tastings with the vigneron and/or grower representatives, including current releases out of bottle (2017 or 2018 depending on the date(s) and next vintage out of barrel (2018 or 2019) depending on the date(s). These visits will cover most of the Côte d'Or, north to south. And the Wasserman team can help arrange visits to any specific growers that are on your bucket list.

As a highlight of your trip, you will enjoy an exclusive and coveted dinner in Bouilland with Becky Wasserman. The thrill of every sommelier trip to Burgundy is the opportunity to have dinner with Becky and her husband Russell at their home in Bouilland. Library wines will be opened and a proper country French dinner will be served. This is an incredible, rare experience to meet and dine with an icon of Burgundy. C'est manifique!


This lot includes:

  • Two rooms for six nights at Hotel Le Cep in Beaune

  • Five days of exclusive grower visits and lunches arranged by Becky Wasserman & Co.

  • Dinner at the home of Becky and Russell Wasserman



Contributed by: Becky Wasserman & Co. and anonymous


Limitations: Becky Wasserman & Co. highly recommend the second week of July 2019 and the third week of November 2019 for this package, but will work with the winning bidders to select mutually agreeable dates.