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Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Party 


Whether it’s for family, a company party, or a picnic of friends, a Ben & Jerry’s cart will arrive at your location with a full smorgasbord of ice cream flavors and toppings. There’s something to please everyone, from your favorite kindergartner who insists on plain vanilla with sprinkles to your crazy Cherry Garcia-loving friend you’re sure is Chunky Monkey’s namesake.


Rather not host the cart? It’s all good! Ben & Jerry’s will package up a cup & cone party to go. Either way, buying this package is an excellent way to make a lot of people happy as well as donate to a good cause.


Restrictions: Within 30 mile radius of Portland. To be scheduled on a mutually agreeable date, valid until February 29, 2020


This package will be sold for $500 each, maximum 85 groups.

Donated by: New Avenues for Youth