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What began in the early 1980s as a few friends getting together to sell wine to each other, raising $9,000 at their first event, has become a year-long celebration of food, wine, and helping our community. Together, we have raised nearly $50 million for children and families in need in our community over our shared history.


The auction was officially started in 1982 by Metropolitan Family Service, which ran the event as a fundraiser for its programs. In 2005, the auction was transferred to a new nonprofit entity, Classic Wines Auction Inc. This was done to create a platform to help build on the past success of the auction and to broaden the reach and increase money raised for charity; maximizing the positive impact of the auction’s proceeds in the community. The first auction under this new entity occurred in March 2005.


For a charity auction to even exist for 35 years is remarkable. And this auction has not simply existed, it has thrived. It has outlasted economic downturns and snowstorms, has been chaired or co-chaired by almost twenty different individuals, it has changed locations and formats, added culinary and wine events, and along the way consistently and successfully grown. We look forward to continuing to work wonders in the community with you!

35 Years of Impact - 2019 Auction Intro

35 Years of Impact - 2019 Auction Intro

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