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French Days of Decadence

A Felton-Oben

French Days of Decadence: A Felton-Oben Collaboration
October 2020

Matt and Jasmin Felton have teamed up with William and Lindsey Oben to curate a once-in-a-life time trip to Paris, Rhône and Burgundy. Experience VIP admission to the FIAC (International Contemporary Art Fair) and fine dining in Paris.


Experience exclusive tastings and dinners in Rhone and Burgundy with the region’s star producers (personal friends the Feltons and Obens). The trip will be capped off with the traditional Day of Decadence dinner where incredible wines from the Feltons’ and Obens’ cellars will be paired with the best food that the Burgundy region has to offer. Specific details about this incredible experience will be announced on Auction night. 

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